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 After discussions with the host from Juggalo Ryda Radio, it was recognised there was a huge hole in the music industry where hard working and deserving artists that remained unsigned, unheard and self promoted, had no outlet for their music to be played or heard by U.K. Juggalos and Juggalettes.

 It was decided Juggalo Ryda Radio would bear a sister station in the U.K. airing every Monday from 11.00pm (BST), 3.00pm (PDT), 7.00pm (AST), 4.00pm (CDT), 6.00pm (EDT) 2.30 pm (AKDT), 4.00pm (MDT) 1.00pm (HAST)

 Matthew Maxwell aka Havok discovered the ideal U.K. Lette to host the show,  Jo a former LLJ - who for some time had been trying to assist U.K. and U.S.A. underground artists with getting airplay and recognition in the U.K. This proved to be a difficult genre to promote to the well established U.K. radio stations.

It was then that Juggalette Ryda Radio was born...

Upcoming Shows...

Upcoming Guest Specials...
To be confirmed.

 Huge Thanks To The Juggalette Ryda Radio Guest Co Hosts so far...
Tre lb, Nick Rage, F.Dux, B-Eats, Dizze Dahmer, Killa C, Cognito, DJ Bless aka Sutter Kain, Psycho Jesus, Kannibilistik, Doomsday Productions, KnotHead & Tragedy, Sikk Mob Special, Vito Thomaselli JCW, Lovely Lady Juggalos, T.O.N.E-z, Riddalin and CRSMN, Ghost J, Cannibal Carib, Isolated Beingz, Sketch, Mars, Colt, Fphaty Garcia

If you missed these they can be found in the show archives...

Isolated Beingz

Featuring Brotha Lynch Hung, Lil Wyte & Jellyroll, Grave Plott, Axe Murder Boyz & Project Born, Mars, Dark Half & Scum, Razakel & SickTanick, T.H.C. & Blazie D, and of course Dizze Dahmer.
Pre Orders Available soon... Watch this space!!!

Featured Artist Of The Month...

Kung Fu Vampire

Follow Kung Fu Vampire on Twitter for news and updates:

The long awaited and eagerly anticipated Love Bites Album from San Jose California's very own Kung Fu Vampire is set for release soon. Get your 'Pre Order Bundle here: http://www.kungfuvampire.com/news/2012/09/love-bites-pre-order-bundles/. There are 3 Bundles available which range in price and consist of different KFV goodies. Kung Fu Vampire was kind enough to hook Juggalette Ryda Radio UK with his Love Bites track from his forthcoming album. So sit back and enjoy a taster of things to come.

Hopsin & Tech N9ne To Hit The UK November 2012
For those who haven't heard, Hopsin & Tech are due to perform here in the UK in November as part of individual tours they have planned.
Hopsin plays
Thu, Nov 8 London XOYO, London, GB
Fri, Nov 9 Sound Control, Manchester, GB
Sat, Nov 10 O2 Academy Birmingham, Birmingham, GB

Tech N9ne will be at the following venues
Thu, Nov 8 O2 Academy Islington, London, GB
Fri, Nov 9 Manchester Club Academy, Manchester, GB

Mortons List: The End To Boredom
This is no ordinary 'Game'... Published by Dark Carnival Games and invented by one of 3 creators, non other than Violent J's older brother Robert Bruce aka Jumpsteady who has appeared on ICPs albums and served as vice president of the bands record label Pychopathic Records.
First published in 2001 this role playing reality game was eventually banned from Gen Con one of the largest prominent annual gaming conventions in North America. Mortons List players have been arrested during taking part in this game.

Mortons List is presented as a 402 page book, a bag of 30 sided die which make a potential 360 unique, random but fun quests and a Table Master whom is randomly selected from the players on which the players then take an oath to swear they shall spend an hour on which ever task is put to them via fate of the book... All quests are to be carried out in the real world including directives that might be interpreted as encouraging illegal or dangerous activities such as "vigilantism, real life spell casting, and to experiment with potentially illegal substances.

Play begins when a group of friends comes together and agrees to let Morton's List give them a Quest. Rolling a special 30-sided die, called the Morton Boulder, reveals this quest. The many Quests are arranged by general theme. There are 13 different themes, including chaotic, social, physical, spiritual, good, and evil.

These games are soon to come to an end, they are no longer being made and the remaining 10,000 games to be sold with few still being available til the end of November via Amazon.
To find out more, own your own piece of rare Mortons List history or to become a List Keeper, hit the link and count down to KARMAGEDDON http://www.mortonslist.com

Introducing... DR CREEP

Check out Shapeshifting Soldier by Dr Creep.
It's been a while due to work ties and family commitments since I have been able to check messages and do Juggalette RydaRadio related things... I was most certainly Thankful to find an inbox from Dr Ceep informing me of one of his latest Videos. I have to say he kills it and I was blown away... I feel Dr Creep will be on to big things in the not too distant future, If you want to check out more of his works then follow the links... You'll be glad you did
Subscribe on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/user/CREEPBHILL?feature=watch
Check Dr Creep on Reverbnation http://www.reverbnation.com/drcreep
Follow on Twitter https://twitter.com/drcreephiphop
'LIKE' him on FaceBook https://www.facebook.com/DrCreep.Creepbhill
Also available on Dr Creeps Facebook page are links to some Free Albums.

Nick Rage News...

My good friend Nick Rage has been hard working on his new video for the track 'Kill You' ft Cassius & Conspiracy Produced by Sinima Beats From the Cinematic EP.
The prop used during the making of this video is up for grabs... All you have to do is go to Nick Rages link and purchase a copy of Cinematic then you will be entered in to the draw.

Click the picture to purchase pre ordered limited supply of Nick Rage Hoodies
Available for Pre Order NOW!... Limited time, limited supply... Get yours while this offer lasts, Global shipping available #OutRAGEous

Want to take this opportunity to congratulate a past but hopefully too a future special guest co host Fphaty Garcia on his marriage to the beautiful Kitty and the birth of their gorgeous son Chase. Wishing you guys all the best.

Miss Letty L Nanahcub

Also like to welcome on board a new member to Juggalette Ryda Radio UK: Letty of BulletteMusic and Manager to Underground Rap artists Tragedy503 and KnotHead.
Letty will be doing regular reviews of upcoming Albums and Artists. If you are interested in having your release reviewed then please forward an Email from the 'Contact Us' Page.

For The Power of Grayskul!
This weeks Underground Artist Review, has the pleasure of bringing to you, the group Grayskul. For those of you who have not been privileged enough to see these amazing artist live, you will get an overview today that will persuade you to do so and soon. Grayskul is made up of members Onry Ozzborn, JFK, and Rob Castro. These great artists are currently residing on Rhymesayers Entertainments' label.
The first time I saw Grayskul was at a Tragedy show in the amazing, and long gone, Rock and Roll Pizza (that used to reside on 112th and Powell in Portland OR). Though the venue is now long gone, Grayskul still lives on and grows more talented and masterful each day. Grayskul put on an incredible show that night and even gave me an exclusive interview after that show, that will appear on the Tragedy DVD, release date TBD. The band has continued to prove themselves worthy of such a great name after all these years. With their debut release of "Deadlivers" (2005), Grayskul paved the way for a new idea of Hip/Hop that has been a supervillian's design of music takeover. Set on nothing less then world and music domination. With great songs like "Action Figure of Speech" and "Deadlivers" the album gave the fans a great amount of lyrical stylings that were well written and full of actual content.
The only complaint I had was that many of the songs and rhythm styles seemed the same. As I moved from song to song on the CD I felt the way the band put their lyrics to song was very similar in sound (same inflection on each verse of each song on the CD) but if that is the worst thing on the CD they are doing better then 98% of underground artists out there, that I could write a page of what they are doing that bothers me musically.
Grayskul also released these albums in 2005: Creature, Wand and The Gun.

The next CD I came across was Bloody Radio (2007). This CD shows amazing growth, improvement of talent, and infliction in lyrics that I had previously found disheartening in the first CD. The song shows that with time and practice comes better quality and more toned skills. I enjoyed songs such as "Missing", "Is It Me", and "Us". If Grayskul was able to maximize their growth from CD to CD, like they have done here, in just two years then I am looking forward to reviewing what is next.
Grayskul also released these albums in 2007: Facefeeder, Scarcrow, and Prom Quiz
The next CD that Grayskul put out is called Graymaker (2009). I enjoyed the change of pace in this album. The tempo was slowed down a bit, but the lyrical content was till present. Songs that make you think and see things in our world that many people turn a blind eye too or may not recognize, made for amazing songs that will last the test of time. Songs from this CD that really stood out for me were "Bread and Wine", "Duece Duece", and "Drapes". The album had a mix of slower beats and quicker tempos. I feel that each album has shown more growth and more lyrical maturity then the previous CDs.
Grayskul has not released an album since 2009, which makes for the longest time period between albums since 2005. I hope that Grayskul has something amazing in the works for fans. The last Facebook post showed they were playing in Seattle in Sept 2012. So we know that Grayskul is still working and producing music, and until they release another anticipated album we will be patiently waiting. For the power of Grayskul can not be contained nor eliminated. So tell your Grayskul fans that the band is in the midst of their "super special, awesome ultra special, sexy transformation sequence...go! (Grayskull quotes).

Last Weeks Review.
Out Of The Darkness, Shines the Moonshine Bandits, To Light The Way. - By Lettey Buchanan
The Moonshine Bandits get their name from their deep family roots running illegal booze during prohibition. This all took place in Northern California during the years of the Great Depression. Now the Moonshine Bandits have their own actual 99 Proof "Outlaw Moonshine" Spirit which was set to hit liquor and grocery stores legally in 2011 and it is produced by Valley Spirits Distillery in California. Now the Moonshine Bandits are not only known for their liquor but also for an amazing lyrical talent that has put them in the midst of such great musicians as Tech N9ne, Rehab, Vanilla Ice, Kottonmouth Kings, Tragedy 503, E-40, Twiztid, Haystak, , The Expendables, and many more. One of the most amazing honors and opportunities requested of these talented guys was when they received a phone call from the United States Military to perform at Fort Irwin, CA. The Moonshine Bandits performed on July 4, 2010 at the Fort Irwin Military Base located in the Mojave Desert for thousands of our U.S. Troops. They were able to give our troops a much needed release and a performance worthy our men and women of honor.
The first time I had ever heard about the Moonshine bandits was back in the early 2000's when they contacted Tragedy 503 and requested him to be a part of their Whiteboyz In The Game compilation (featuring mainly white rappers and artists) in the industry, also known as the underdogs (in an industry like this, we'll just accept that as most truth). This record was in no way meant to be any sort of a race recognition or to say that any race was better then another, but to give some people who are usually known to be underrated in the industry the chance to show some talent. I am not sure how the CD did in the end, but I do own a copy and I think that the concept may have been flawed looking back now, but the idea was of good heart at the time.
The Moonshine Bandits have come out with their fair share of CD's these past years, moving up with hard work and determination to be a part of SubNoize's amazing lineup. Some of those great features are Divebars and Truckstops (Which features one of my favorite songs "Fists and Jager") , Prohibition, Soggy Crackers, and theirs newest album to drop Whiskey and Women. The Moonshine Bandits recently hit up the Seattle are doing a tour with Rehab called United Shiners of America USA Tour. The show featured stops all across the US. The boyz just recently hit back home in Cali and from their Facebook status updates are grateful for the experience, but even more grateful for a moment home and with family.
The Moonshine Bandits look like really fun and interesting guys, but they are quite the enigma of a group. Don't get me wrong, they are fun, great to watch live, and have an amazing gimmick going on, but how did this come about? Cowboy rappers from Cali? Was this part of a great game of truth or dare that went very wrong? "Hey truth or dare".."Dare dude...okay I dare you to start a rap group (drunkin snickers) and do it looking like cowboys. " (Drunkin laughter erupts . "No way dude its not gonna happen...Ya I'm ma do it, I'm totally gonna do it. " Years later their friend stare sitting at home watching them on TV thinking to themselves, man I had no idea that they would do it, let alone be famous. Maybe you shouldn't have dared him to f*%$k my mom either that night asshole!! (insert funny sitcom sounds duh duh duhhhh). So no matter how the idea got passed around, it worked. You can even find the Moonshine bandits songs featured on CMT of all places.
Well the sun will only shine on the days that Moonshine bandits have left to offer us great music and great shows, and the moon will light there way to the stadiums filled with fans and cheering crowds. Like a photographer at night aiming for the best picture of the orange moon rings, I'm gonna shoot...on out of here and leave you to do the rest of the research yourself.


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